Jim Berg

Video Resources


Essential Virtues (DVD Series)

Essential Virtues: Marks of the Christ-Centered Life by Jim Berg draws from the principles of 2 Peter 1 to explore the marks of the mature Christian life. Peter lists the virtues of a Christlike believer: commitment to be like Jesus (virtue), knowledge, self-control, endurance, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love. As we understand the meaning and importance of these core virtues, we can learn to cultivate these qualities while avoiding worldliness, rebellion, and spiritual apathy. Berg’s clear application encourages personal Bible study that will result in true biblical maturity. The DVD series, based on the book Essential Virtues, includes a thirteen-part video series taught by Jim Berg. Suitable for teens and adults.


Quieting a Noisy Soul (DVD Series)

As the pressures of modern life escalate, so do the numbers of those who suffer silently from the pain of panic attacks, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive behavior, and depression.

Quieting a Noisy Soul is a unique multimedia program for personal growth and change. No Christian program provides such a comprehensive, structured means to saturate your mind with the truths of who God is and how He intends for those truths to deliver you from guilt, anxiety, anger, and despair.

The Quieting a Noisy Soul DVD package includes the worktext, Taking Time to Quiet Your Soul, four DVD’s containing the twenty-four thirty-minute seminars, a CD containing the audio tracks of the seminars for use while driving, jobbing, or doing yardwork or housework, and a meditation CD for those struggling with sleep issues. Additional copies of Taking Time to Quiet Your Soul are available so that every family member or small group member can have their own copy of the worktext. 

The website provides a free downloadable Leader’s Guide describing how to use the program in individual counseling, family settings, and church group settings. It also offers free downloadable bulletin-size handouts for use in congregational settings.

While Quieting a Noisy Soul is available as an audio kit, the video package is most appropriate for those suffering with anxiety and depression issues since a video-format engages attention better when the mind is overwhelmed. 

For more resources in using Quieting A Noisy Soul please visit www.quietinganoisysoul.com.


Created for His Glory (DVD Series)

This thirteen-part video series features Jim Berg teaching from his book Created for His Glory: God’s Purpose for Redeeming Your Life. The thirteen sessions range from 31-37 minutes long.

For more resources in using Created for His Glory please visit www.createdforhisglory.com.