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Quieting a Noisy Soul: Overcoming Guilt, Anger, Anxiety, and Despair (Audio Series)

As the pressures of modern life escalate, so do the numbers of those who suffer silently from the pain of panic attacks, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive behavior, and depression.

The audio kit comes with the worktext, Taking Time to Quiet Your Soul, a meditation CD, and a CD with mp3 audio recordings of the twenty-four thirty-minutes lectures from the original seminar. Quieting a Noisy Soul is a unique multimedia individual counseling program for personal growth and change. No Christian program provides such a comprehensive, structured means to saturate the mind with the truths of who God is and how He intends for those truths to deliver believers from guilt, anxiety, anger, and despair.

The Quieting a Noisy Soul series is also available on DVD.


The Pursuit of Manhood

Families, churches, businesses, and society as a whole are benefited when godly men lead.  But what does it mean to be a man?  How do fathers rear boys to be men?  Since our culture is bent on feminizing and perverting men, and since many fathers have failed to give clear direction to their sons, many men feel lost in their journey to manhood.  The timeless truths of God’s Word give us clear direction, however, and must be reclaimed and applied to the task of becoming a man.  Discover the journey and the joys of pursuing biblical masculinity.  These lectures were given at a men’s conference at Faith Baptist Church in Taylors, SC in February 2009.  Feel free to duplicate the audio files and the syllabus as needed as long as nothing is changed in them.

The Pursuit of Manhood Syllabus (1.8MB PDF)

Prisons, Pits, & Palaces: Joseph

Joseph’s life depicts the strategy of development that God often uses when preparing his children for leadership. God’s school of training often leads down before it leads up so that a man’s character can be formed. Follow the life of Joseph and see what God may be doing in your life through the trials and tests.

This series of 13 sessions was preached at Faith Baptist Church of Taylors, SC.

Secrets of the Good Life

This is an audio recording of a series of 13 lessons from the book of Ecclesiastes. It was recorded and produced during a seminar in the summer of 2003 at Faith Baptist Church.

The audio quality of this recording varies somewhat, and we apologize if any of the sessions are difficult to hear.

Seminar Handout (1.5 MB PDF)

Available from SermonAudio.com:

  • God’s Secret of Satisfaction

  • Anxiety, the Silent Killer

  • More than Enough Hope
  • ...plus many more.